Hammertoes and their Repair

Hammertoe deformities are contractures or painful curling of the toes. Hammertoes are often caused by the improper biomechanics of the foot which allows certain muscles and tendons to overpower others, allowing for the curling of the toes. Treatment can include inserts or orthotics, shoe gear modification, but often patients request surgery to correct this to allow the return to activities and returning to their regular shoe gear.
Often times, in surgery, pins or wires are used to fix the repair. Many individuals are hesitant to have surgery and have pins sticking out of their toes for as long as 6 weeks. There is typically more swelling noted with external hardware due to the need to remove at a later time. This often causes patients to hold off on surgery.
There are new techniques that allow for use of internal fixation for the hammertoes. When internal fixation is used, the patient will be able to return to regular shoe gear sooner, have less swelling, and be able to take a shower sooner as there is no hardware on the outside of the foot..
If you have hammertoes, and would like information regarding new techniques for repair, do not hesitate to contact us as Worthington Foot & Ankle!