Treating a Break In Your Bone

Foot trauma and fractures (broken bone) are common injuries of the foot. There are 28 bones in the foot and ankle and trauma to this area can result in fractures or dislocations. A fractured bone in your foot or ankle, or in one of your toes is often painful. These injuries can typically heal without operative treatment. There are two main types of fractures: Stress fractures and general bone fractures.

The Various Types of Foot Bone Fractures

Stress fractures occur due to repetitive activity and overuse to the bone. They can occur with sudden increases in training or exercises or improper training techniques. Other types of fractures extend through the bone. They can be stable with no shift in bone alignment but can also become displaced where the bone ends no longer line up. These fractures usually result from direct trauma, such as dropping a heavy object on your foot, or from a twisting injury.

Treatment and Healing Process of a Broken Bone

Fractures can typically heal conservatively if properly treated. This can include a period of non-weight bearing with a cast or walking boot. It typically takes a normal healthy individual 6-8 weeks to heal a fracture. At times, a fracture may require surgical intervention as the fracture is too severe, and further complications can result. Fractures that are left untreated may heal slowly, which is known as a delayed union. Some may not heal at all, known as a non-union. Sometimes the bone will heal in an incorrect position which is known as a malunion. These will often cause pain and deformity. Untreated fractures may also develop arthritis.

If you have had severe injury to your foot, do not hesitate to see your doctor. Treatment for these fractures is an urgent situation. For more, non-emergency information, contact Worthington Foot & Ankle today!

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