“Why Do I Have a Curly Toe?”

A hammertoe deformity is a contracture or bending of your toe or toes, usually caused by an imbalance in the tendons of your foot. Hammertoes can be found on any toe. Hammertoes may become painful due to footwear irritation and pressure. If left untreated, hammertoes can become rigid and painful, often requiring surgical intervention for correction.

Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Hammertoes

The biggest complaint from patients with hammertoes is the inability to find comfortable shoes due to the deformity. Other complaints with hammertoes include a corn or a callus to the toe joint itself. This is often caused by irritation in shoe gear where the contracted part of the toe rubs in shoes. Patients often feel pain in their toes as well. Most commonly found in women, mallet toe is another condition quite similar to hammertoe. This ailment is also caused by foot tendon imbalance, but due to prolonged usage of high heels and narrow toe box shoes. While the conditions are not life-threatening, the discomfort experienced could keep you from living a full life by forcing you to limit your mobility.

Popular Treatments for Hammertoes and Mallet Toe

Treatment for hammertoes includes shoe gear modification with a larger toe box or a softer type of shoe. There are cushions and pads also available to offload the pressure from shoes. If a toe is very rigid and painful, your doctor may suggest surgery to correct the deformity.

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