My Aching Tendon

Tendinitis is a condition of your tendons and muscles which is caused by irritation and inflammation. A tendon is a thick cord of tissue which connects a muscle to a bone. The tendon can become inflamed and swollen which causes pain for the individual. Tendinitis is often caused by repetitive, overuse of a tendon or muscle. This can be seen in activities where the same motion is repeated. Tendinitis is also very common in individuals who increase activity.

Most Common Symptoms of Tendinitis

Symptoms of tendinitis can include pain over the course of the tendon, where it attaches on the bone as well as the surrounding area. Pain can be gradual,sudden and severe. Swelling around the location of the tendon will occur. The diagnosis of tendinitis can be made using clinical findings and confirmed with MRI.

Professional Tendinitis Treatments and Medical Procedures

Tendinitis treatments include Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation (RICE) in early stages. In addition your physician will likely add Taping, Strapping, Bracing as well as custom orthotic to control excess motions treating causative factors. Physical therapy is also useful in treatment of chronic tendinitis. Surgery is reserved for severe cases not responding to conservative care. Surgeries include repair of tears within tendon and removal of degenerative tendon. New techniques such as TOPAZ and platelet gel injections have started to show promising results with minimal down time after procedure

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