The Skin Around My Foot is Thick and Painful

People often develop thickened skin on the soles of their feet and sometimes on their toes. This thickened skin is a direct result of pressure. Often times, the pressure occurs due to a boney prominence in ill fitting shoes, or the improper wear in shoes. This thickened skin is known as a callus when on the soles of the feet and a corn when on the toe.

The Causes of Foot Callus

A callus can be a diffuse pattern of thickened skin in a central location, but can also occur as a larger lesion. Most calluses are seen along the ball of the foot, and sometimes the heel. The callus forms on the ball of the foot from increased pressure from the metatarsal heads, or long bones of the foot. The metatarsal heads are often in a position where increased pressure is placed between the metatarsal head and weight bearing surface, causing the body to respond by building up thicker tissue.

Hammertoe Conditions Leading to Corns

A corn forms typically on a toe due to a hammertoe deformity. The toes begin to contract or rub along the neighboring toe, causing increased pressure. Again, the body develops a thickened tissue as protection. A corn can be in between the toes or along the outside of a toe where most pressure is placed.

Treatments to Foot Corns and Calluses

Worthington Foot & Ankle can treat these corns and calluses in various ways. Often trimming the skin, known as debridement, helps to reduce the thickness of the skin. This is a temporary relief, but if the pressure is permanently offloaded, can last for some time. Other conservative measures may include padding, strapping and orthotics. Orthotics are used as an insert in your shoe to offload the pressure spots. If conservative measures do not work, your physician may suggest surgery. The surgery is to correct the deforming forces to reduce the pressure. This can include hammertoe repair or a more reconstructive procedure to lift the forces.

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