Heel Pain in Kids & Child Foot Pain

Many children will complain of pain to their feet and heels. This is often the result of growth and inflammation along their growth plates. This inflammation is known as Osteochondritis. Many children, especially those involved in athletics, complain of pain to their feet, often their heels, around the ages of 10-12. Most notice the pain with activity but can also experience this pain at rest. Those involved in athletics can describe that the pain is more frequent in a certain shoe, such as a soccer shoe or cleat. They describe the pain to the back of their heel near where the Achilles tendon inserts, but also along the bottom. Children can also experience this type of pain along the inside of their arch.

Causes of Foot Inflammation and Osteochondritis

The pain is caused by inflammation of their growth plate. During activity, tendons and other structures can pull along the bone and open growth plate causing inflammation to develop. This causes pain and sometimes swelling. The change in shoe and activity can cause the pain to be more prominent and noticeable.

Popular & Child-Friendly Treatments for Osteochondritis

Children are often treated with an oral anti-inflammatory, stretching and icing. Use of inserts and sometimes heel lifts are enough to offload the structures, preventing the excessive pull along the bone. Properly diagnosing as Osteochondritis can allow for a prompt treatment plan. If your child is experiencing pain to their foot, do not brush it off as just growing pains, they may be experiencing more issues, and should be examined properly.

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