Your Podiatrist for Sports Injuries

Many individuals can experience injury during their sporting activities. These types of injuries can range from strains and sprains to fractures. Some of the most common sports injuries include toenail injuries, stress fracture, ankle sprain, heel pain, and achilles tendon injuries. Athletes are especially at risk for injury due to the chronic, repetitive wear and tear placed on their bones and soft tissues. This includes repetitive stop and go type sports can cause increased wear and tear, but changes to how the body normally functions.

The Worthington Sports Medicine Specialist

Many runners experience issues to their nails and bones of their feet due to repetitive trauma in their shoes. This trauma can lead to injuries to the nails as well as bones of the foot. An individual that has damage to the toenail can have what is called a subungual hematoma, or bleeding under the nail. This can also lead to traumatic removal of the toenail or other nail issues such as an ingrown toenail. This can be debilitating to individuals due to the pain and sometimes swelling that occurs.

Some individuals can experience enough chronic trauma which can lead to stress fractures of their foot. This is typically seen along the long bones of the foot known as the metatarsals, but can also occur in the heel and ankle. Stress fractures often require rest and offloading from structures such as an orthotic.

The Most Common Sport-Related Injuries

The ankle sprain and heel pain often results from chronic improper biomechanics of the foot. An ankle sprain can occur in an individual who is more prone to injury due to a previous injury, or has a history of ligament damage or joint damage. The heel pain forms due to wear and tear along the fascia. These often can be treated with orthotics and bracing.

Finally, Achilles tendon injury is typically seen in the “weekend warrior” or a high quality athlete. This forms due to abrupt changes to the achilles tendon that the body isn’t adjusted to, or from chronic, increased strain and stress along the structures. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a one time try, sports injuries can occur. If you feel your issues are more then just deconditioning, please do not hesitate to see your podiatrist.

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