Pump Bump


Many people experience pain not only to the bottom of their heel, but they also experience pain to the back of their heel bone.  This pain is sometimes associated with a prominent bump to the back of the heel known as a Haglund’s Deformity or “pump bump”.  This bump is positioned where the Achilles tendon inserts onto the heel bone.  This area can become irritated, swollen and painful.  Often times, patients complain of irritation from their shoes.

Causes of this “pump bump” include: a high arched foot type, a tight Achilles tendon, and improper walking technique.  Symptoms include a painful bump to the back of the heel, swelling, and redness of the area due to the irritation and rubbing in shoes.  Treatment is both conservative as well as surgical.  Some conservative treatment includes anti-inflammatory medication, icing, stretching, heel lifts, custom orthotics, shoe modification, and often physical therapy.  Surgically, the treatment would be shaving down the prominent bump.

If you are experiencing pain to the back of your heel bone, do not hesitate to follow with your podiatrist.  Call us at Worthington Foot & Ankle if you have questions!