Posterior Tibial Tendonitis/Dysfunction

Recently, I have seen quite a few patients with pain to this inside of their ankle and heel.  Heel pain is just not always just identified on the inside of the heel or arch.  It can also occur along the inside of the ankle along the tendon known as the Posterior Tibial Tendon.  This tendon helps to support the arch.  At times, this tendon can become inflamed, swollen and painful.  This is known as Posterior Tibial Tendonitis.

Overuse of the tendon causes dysfunction of the tendon, leading to inflammation and the pain.  Symptoms are usually seen after activities such as running, hiking, or climbing.  Patients often complain of pain along the inside of their ankle coursing towards their arch.  The area is not only painful, but can be found to be swollen as well.

Patients may relate having flatter arches, and this is due to the tendon not functioning to help support the foot correctly.

Treatment can be conservative as well as surgical.  Conservatively, patients can try orthotics, bracing and immobilization, physical therapy and medications such as anti-inflammatories.  Surgery is often indicated when conservative attempts have failed.  Surgical procedures often include repair of the tendon.

If you have had chronic pain radiating to your arch from your ankle, you may not have the common plantar fasciitis, it may be due to dysfunction of your tendon.  The podiatrists at Worthington Foot & Ankle can help diagnose and treat you correctly!